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Tips to Purchase the Best Apartments

Posted by on October 31, 2019
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Living in an apartment sometimes may seem like a bad thing at first, particularly in the main city of Colombo. This is because most of these aren’t exactly spacious, and even if they are, Colombo apartments aren’t all affordable! However, if you knew exactly what you should be looking for, finding an affordable and spacious apartment or any sort of property for sale, isn’t so hard!

Here are some things you should be looking for when purchasing an apartment.

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The Ceiling Height

The reason most apartments seem rather cramped up is mainly because of the low ceiling height. Low ceiling height creates a claustrophobic environment making even the most spacious areas small and confined. Therefore, when you are looking around for long term apartments to stay in, always lookup.

Consider the height variation from the ground to the ceiling. Then find an apartment that would not only look but also feel spacious! Air conditioning and large bedroom space isn’t the only thing to focus on in real estate properties! When you are buying property every detail should be carefully analyzed. This will help you avoid making decisions you will come to regret at some point!

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The Outside View

Sri Lankans are always quite particular with regards to the view of a space. Whether they are simply purchasing investment property or residential properties, this is a detail that is certainly not treated any less than buying land. The reason for this is, in Sri Lanka there isn’t a single place without a killer view! As a result, this has almost become an obvious expectation people have when property hunting with real estate agents.

Skyscraper apartments with meager space for a balcony is just not worthy of an investment. Even though you might only be staying for a short term currently, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t consider purchasing it someday! After all, once we get used to something it is pretty hard to let go! So think smart about every aspect from hiring the right property managers to getting designers to redo the place. This includes focusing on the balcony space as well. It should be spacious enough for at least a furniture or two!

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Focus on Storage Space

You might have read many guides to buying and adjusting into a new place, but practically when faced with this situation there might be many issues to deal with. Starting from packing your furniture to transporting them safely, you’d have a load of things to bring along with you to your new home. Therefore it is a good idea to always focus on space when selecting a place to move into. This applies to not only being able to house the family members in your home but the extra things as well. Do inquire about hidden storage spaces and alternative options that you could use to make more room for your belongings.

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Open Space

The rental market for property is one that is large. To make sales in this, landlords use all sorts of tricks. As the person purchasing this, it is up to you to know how to select the right place. One big factor that contributes to an apartment looking cramped up or not is its layout. The more open the layout is, the lesser cramped up it would look. So focus on the layout as well.

Apartments don’t necessarily have to have the apartment feel. They could be apartments yet look like homes, and this is achieved through the layout. So if you don’t want to end up regretting your apartment choice, prioritize this aspect too when selecting one!
Achieving a balance between space and cost is an inevitable challenge. However,

knowing what to find and how to make things work would make living in an apartment homelier than ever!

Be specific, know what you want and visit top real estate sites for Sri Lanka ads – property, to grab only the best deals!

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