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Why You Should Be Using Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Posted by on October 28, 2019
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When you put on those Oculus Go virtual reality headsets, can step into a reality much different than the one you live in. You could be living in Colombo, Sri Lanka or LA in the States, yet travel around the world or be standing on a plank on the highest floor of a skyscraper trying to grab a couple pieces of cake!

Virtual Reality or VR is generally a term quite closely associated with video games. Whether you are a gaming maniac or just randomly testing out things, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t enjoy the realistic feel this form of gaming creates. But now, technology has taken VR to the next level by incorporating it into a more profound field like Real Estate. Thus creating huge breakthroughs in the industry by increasing efficiency and productivity in every way.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate Virtual Reality into your real estate marketing business.

Virtual Reality and Property Showcases

Property showcases are a huge part of attracting potential clients to a particular property. It is a process of convincing them based not only on facts and figures but on images as well. Invoking emotion to such sales will further increase the potential of selling out apartments or housing spaces. So what better way to do that than using virtual reality! VR technology and VR content in the real estate industry is still a new trend limited to certain countries only. However, it is a trend that is catching up in the industry across different parts of the world. Property showcases bring together developers of apartments and houses to one place.
It creates a stage for them to showcase their property and create potential interest in purchasing, amongst buyers. In the point of the customer, such showcases save their time while also helping them make the best purchase. However, without visiting the place in person, there is no way you can truly tell whether the apartment of your choice suits your needs and meets your requirements. Bridging this gap is the VR technology. This form of technology facilitates walking through the apartments as if they would when they visit in person. Thus letting them explore a range of complexes in one place without having to travel for miles! For developers, this is a great way of attracting interest. All they need to do is find VR experts and design the walkthrough virtual tours for their property!

Virtual Reality and Property Staging

Humans deal with emotions and emotions have great power in influencing their every decision including purchase. When the seller or estate agent meets this, sales is a piece of cake! A house or apartment that creates a homely and cozy vibe invokes this emotion. Thus it is up to the developer or seller to create such a vibe in the property that they are marketing. What is expected is that you bring together furniture pieces and various detailing rather than presenting a bare space. But the negative side of this is that as great as it may invoke emotion and create an intention of buying, the cost you have to occur in return is too high.
This is when Virtual Reality technology works its magic! With the help of the right developers, virtual staging could be used to fill any space with some of the most amazing furniture pieces and fittings that closely resemble your design plan. You can also change other interior designs and details for practically no cost at all! While you will have to incur the cost of having this designed by experts, you don’t have to physically fill up a space with actual furniture and whatnot!

Virtual Reality and Property Visualization

Believing what we can’t see has always been a challenge especially when it comes to decisions involving large amounts of investments. This has led to many property developers and real estate agents spending huge sums of money to create models and demonstrations to convince potential buyers of their idea and the reality they could be living in. Clients are already hard to convince even when they are visiting an open house. But when the property has not even been built yet, the challenge is harder. Saving cost, time and effort is the VR technology that uses digital content in creating various elements
to suit one’s design and requirements. Thus becoming the perfect substitute and alternative for this. Using VR you can construct building after building in a virtual environment to resemble its drafted plans. This helps in easing the convincing process and scoring sale after sale. The reason for this is because through this mixed reality you are not only able to showcase the exterior of a particular construction but its interiors as well. Adding to this, the furniture, detailing, walkthrough reality experience, etc. further enhance saleability. All you need is to get those htc vive vr headsets set up and ready for action!

Virtual Reality and Partnership Marketing

VR technology can be used in partnership marketing too. The fittings and furniture set up in the virtual property display can be linked to other platforms that sell this. Thus allowing the customers to make direct online purchases based on the interior displays that they see in this augmented reality. For the property developer, this is a great way to make a few extra bucks through the collab. The design can also be developed in a way where customers can make certain
changes to the property. This way, they can have their home designed based on their requirements rather than what is being offered. Since all these cater closely to the customer’s expectations, increasing sales while reducing the costs of the property developer is not a dream anymore. It is becoming a foreseen reality!

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